Waiting for your dream to come true

June 17, 2009 at 8:53 pm (Uncategorized)

This past Saturday was great. Art Village celebrated it’s 4 year anniversary. It was cool to see people painting, working with clay, talking with one another and looking at the artwork around the studio. The whole place kind of buzzed with inspiration. As I watched the dynamics of they day, I couldn’t help but notice how our little studio has grown over the last 4 years. It’s kind of interesting to look back to where we started with this crazy idea.

From the beginning I’ve had a big idea of what I want Art Village to be. And when we opened 4 years ago, we started down the path to building the dream of creating a inspirational space where people can come and make art, buy art, have access to art resources and equipment, and be connected to other creative people. And though I think we created an atmosphere of inspiration, the picture I had in my mind didn’t quite match up with what I saw in front of me.

As with anything, sometimes, you have to make due with the resources you have available to you at the time. And I believe we did that well because of the community of people that developed over the years. However, sometimes, that disonance created a bit of discontentment and at times I would find myself pushing to make things happen that weren’t ready to happen yet. Then, almost as if someone opened the door, we seemed to have a fresh opportunity. Perhaps it’s our new location, but I have a sense that we are moving again.

You may have experienced something like that in your life. You have a great idea, or a dream, but as you walk it out, it doesn’t quite match your imagination. I think this is a good thing. The discontentment can spur you on to make adjustments and look for more opportunities. It helps you see things in different ways and teaches you to be flexible. The dream for Art Village is still beyond what is in front of me today, but this Saturday, Art Village seemed closer to that dream than ever before. And that’s exciting to me.

If you have a dream, or a nagging desire that won’t leave you alone, I want to encourage you to keep moving with it. We don’t always know what the next chapter will hold for us, or when we will enter into a new season. But I believe that those dreams are in us for a reason. And sometimes when we push and try to make things happen, we make it harder for ourselves than if we would just allow the path to unfold before us. So relax and enjoy the journey ahead. You’ll be amazed how things fit together in the end.

On a side note, Channel 7 was nice enough to visit us on our anniversary. Click here to view the video clip.


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Live your dream life today

June 10, 2009 at 10:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Last week my niece Emily invited me to her school. Her class opened a poetry cafe. It was really a cool idea. My sister and I went to the classroom where our 8 year old host brought us to a table and sat us down. We looked a menu and ordered 5 poems to be read. Emily came to the table with three other kids and they proceeded to recite the poems we ordered. When they were finished, they brought us a mint and thanked us for coming. And even though one of the poems was about a runny nose, I felt inspired and a little more cultured as we left.

The thing that struck me was how serious the kids took this exercise. They were immersed in the experience and we were swept up into it as well. For those 10-15 minutes we were living in a world where you order poems from a menu. I’ve been thinking about how our lives can be created from our imagination. We can really make stuff up as we go along. So many times, we are waiting to get permission to do things we’re passionate about. I say “Why wait?”

I once heard Jack Canfield talk about a party he went to called a “Come as You Will be in 5 Years” Party. Those who attended, pretended they were living the life of their dreams for that one night. I wonder what it would be like to live our lives as though we were already living the life of our dreams. I think it would be an interesting experiment to try. As you go through today, try to think like a kid and imagine a world where anything is possible. maybe take a leap and do something completely different and weird, just because you think it would be fun.

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