A Creative New Year

January 14, 2009 at 4:31 am (Uncategorized)

The days are getting longer. I’m sure spring will be here soon. Well, I know it will show up eventually. This is a great time to infuse our lives with creativity. I am doing this by keeping an artist field guide. In it I document creative ideas and images that I come across.  My field guide is not organized and it’s getting filled with scraps of doodles, little paintings, random notes and photos.

I think by noticing the art in our lives, our lives become more creative. I usually carry around a notebook or five with me at all times to take notes of things that inspire me. Now I’m carrying a little case of markers, glue, colored pencils, pens, and scissors. Everything is fair game to put into my field guide. I’m having a great time collecting artifacts to put into my field guide. My niece and nephew have been contributing to my guide by making drawings for me as well.

If you want to bring a little inspiration into your winter, grab a notebook, journal or sketchbook and start your own artist field guide. You find that keeping track of the small inspirations makes the days a little springier.


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