We can change our lives with imagination

July 6, 2008 at 7:54 pm (Uncategorized)

We at Art Village just finished judging a coloring contest that was hosted by D&D Auto. The theme was cars of the future. The kids were given a blank space to create any kind of car that they could dream of. When Dave asked me to judge the contest for him, I had no idea how many kids would participate. I think we had around three hundred entries. The task was a little overwhelming but it was a lot of fun to see what the kids came up with.

One of the cool things about kids’ drawings is that anything is possible. They drew cars that ran on air, pollen, soda, the sun, and water. These cars could fly, make ice cream and candy, go under water, be lived in, jump up and down, talk to you like a friend and be shaped like just about anything. There was even an Amazing Hot Dog Car that ran on ketchup and mustard.

I noticed an interesting thing as I looked at each age group. As the kids got older, the crazy ideas started to diminish a bit. It was a subtle change, but as each grade got higher, there were fewer ideas like buttons that will take you to Florida and more practical features like getting 51mpg. There was still a lot of creativity, but I could see a slight shift from the dreamer view of anything’s possible towards the more practical view of what’s probable.

I started thinking if our lives were a coloring contest called My Future, what would we draw?  Would we draw crazy ideas that would embarrass us if someone else saw them? Or would we draw what we hope our future is going to look like based on our current economic situation and if we catch a few breaks?

I think we should use every crayon in the box along with every other drawing instrument we can find and draw the most outrageous and exciting future we can dream of.

I recommend a little exercise. Get out that piece of paper and draw your future, a future where anything is possible. Pretend you are in first grade again. If you could live the life of your dreams, what would that look like? This might seem silly, but it’s actually a very powerful exercise to help create success in your life.

What happens when you write or draw out plans, dreams and goals, is that your mind will begin to pick up on external clues to help bring you closer to your dreams. An opportunity you may have let pass you by in the past is now recognizable because you have planted a visual in your mind.

I believe that we are responsible for the lives we have and we can start to change our lives by first daring to imagine something better. Dream big.

Art Saves Lives!


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  1. cana said,

    Yes, people can do it as long as can imagine it.

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