Three years ago, they had no experience. Now their art is displayed in our gallery.

May 14, 2008 at 4:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Friday night was the third annual Arts Walk here in our lovely downtown. Over the past three years, I’ve seen it grow and I believe it’s going to continue to be one of the favorite events of the year. There was a great energy, even as it rained. It was nice to see everyone out and about looking at the artwork in the store windows, listening to music on the streets and just having a good time.

The stores downtown each housed the work of one or two artists in their storefront windows.  It was a nice variety of styles and media. I must say that we have some great artists in our community.

Here at Art Village, we set up our gallery to display artwork of our customers and students. This is the third year we’ve done this and each year it gets better and better.

As we hung the paintings and arranged the pottery, I thought about the people who created these works or art. They do their art at night and on weekends. They do not get paid for their art. They make it because they love it.

It’s fun to see the progression of skill when you look at this body of work.  I’ve watched these artists change and develop their skills. And now I can see their individual self -expression.

When people begin a new artistic venture the first attempt can be a bit awkward. This happens with any type of art. For example, beginning pottery students struggle with centering and creating that first cylinder that isn’t all kiddywampus. But as time goes on, they get the hang of it. Then, once they get the technical part squared away, they start making artistic choices and design decisions.

At first when they sit down at the wheel, they hope they end up with something that they can use as a candy dish. Now, a few years later they are finding inspiration from different sources and successfully executing new ideas. They’ve started combining techniques and trying new things.

The work in our gallery is definitely an expression of the artists’ unique styles. That is very cool to see. When I walk through the gallery, I can tell which artist created which piece. These artists have started to find their own voices.

It’s not only great to see these artists grow and develop their technical skills and artistic expressions it’s also fun to see how their appreciation and observation has developed.

During ArtsWalk, a few of our artists stopped by to look at the gallery before walking around downtown to look at the rest of the artwork. Since I had a little help here at the studio, I decided to walk with them. It was so fun to look at art with these ladies. As they looked, they talked about color and technique and style. It was awesome. Three years ago, this group of people didn’t know each other and now as fellow artists, they have come together to share a common bond of creativity. It’s really awesome.

This group of ladies is an inspiration to me. When I see the excitement when they begin a new project, and the dedication they have to working at their art, I am inspired to keep the wonderment of it all in my life as well. I don’t ever want to get used to viewing art. I want to always have a curiosity and enthusiasm when it comes to making and viewing art. Making art helps us grow. These ladies look at the world differently than they did three years ago.

I believe that making art enriches our lives. I see this happening in the lives of our customers. It helps us see things differently. In a world that tries to draw our attention towards all kinds of crazy things, it’s great to live in a community of creativity, art, artists, and inspiration.

Art Saves Lives!


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