Is there a ghost in your past keeping you from expressing your inner artist?

May 14, 2008 at 4:53 pm (Uncategorized)

There was once a little boy whose parents loved to have parties. Almost every weekend they would invite their friends over for food and fun. And during these parties, the little boy was told to stay in his room. His parents told him that when they had their friends over, children were to not be seen or heard.

One night, the little boy’s parents were having one of their grown up get-togethers and the little boy decided to draw a picture. When he finished he ventured downstairs to show his parents. His parents told him they liked his drawing and complimented him in front of their friends.

Because the little boy didn’t usually get many compliments from his parents, he of course felt really good. That evening he drew more pictures to show his parents. And each time they complimented him.

The next morning the boy came down and noticed his drawings on the refrigerator. Thinking that art belongs on kitchen appliances and furnishings, he found some permanent markers and began to draw a mural on the side of the cabinets.

When his father walked in the kitchen and saw his artwork, he got very angry and sent the little boy to his room to think about what he did.

Now, as grown ups, we can understand the frustration the father felt, but from the little boy’s perspective, he was confused and that confusion from that very specific incident caused him to think of himself as a failure and not want to try new things in the future.

Children often make emotional decisions that last a lifetime based on limited information. We all have patterns in our lives today that are a result of a belief we made as a child. I hear stories like this all the time from people who have the desire to make art but they are afraid to try. A long time ago, someone said something not meaning to scar them for life, but the comment was just enough to make them think they weren’t good enough.

I believe that we are all good enough. It is my hope to create an atmosphere where people feel safe to try. We all have a voice. We all have something creative inside that wants to be expressed.

Think about what is keeping you from stepping out. What kind of artistic expression have you always wanted to try? Does pottery seem fascinating? Do you have a painting inside? Have you always wanted to write a screenplay or a novel? Do you want to perform on stage? Whatever it is that you want to express, express it. Don’t let some ghost from the past determine who you are today. You are a creative being. You are meant to contribute a verse to the sonnet of life. Find your voice and create.

Art Saves Lives.


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