How is your life like a piece of fine jewelry?

May 14, 2008 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)

My friend Erin makes custom jewelry from unusual items.  She uses keys, subway tokens, watch parts, semi-precious stones and all kinds of different materials. She calls the variety of materials in her art treasures.

She approaches her art in a very unique way. She’s not interested in mass-producing the same piece of jewelry over and over again. She’s interested in creating personal pieces of art that reflects the individuality of the person she’s designing for. She always selects items and colors that mean something to the person who will be wearing it. Each element has a meaning and a purpose, which is what makes the piece as a whole a work of art.

I think our lives are a bit like Erin’s jewelry. We pick up things here and there on our journey. People pass in and out of our lives. We find our selves at this job for a while and then another. We live in this apartment in one city and a house in the next. Our lives move in seasons. All these situations and circumstances are treasures. And as we put together our treasures, our lives become a one of a kind work of art.

When we look back at our lives, we can see patterns emerge, just like when Erin creates a necklace. There is a pattern to the objects. It may seem random to some people, but it’s not. There is a reason for every treasure that is added to that piece of art.

One thing I like about Erin’s work is that she gives her jewelry pieces names to reflect the personality of the person she’s making it for. Each one of us has a name. We are all individuals. There are no two exactly alike. And each of us is a work of art that, I believe is meant to be shared with others for as long as we are here.

I know sometimes we can feel like why is this circumstance a part of my life right now. It’s because it’s needed to complete your piece. When I feel this way, I try to look at each person and circumstance as a found treasure that is making me the perfect piece of art.  If we realize that this part of our life is just a small part of the whole, we can be encouraged that we are exactly were we need to be right now, and that our work of art will turn out exactly the way it should. Remember, as long as we keep waking up in the morning, our masterpiece is still in progress. I believe it’s going to be great!

Art Saves Lives!


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