Can Art-Making create abundance in our lives?

May 14, 2008 at 4:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Someone once asked me if being in the art business is difficult because art is not a basic human need. May answer was that I’m not in the art business. I’m in the inspiration business, and I believe that inspiration is a basic human need. Art may not be a basic human need in the same way food and shelter is, but inspiration is what drives us to be better and to grow and to dream. And I believe art is a vehicle to inspiration.

When we make art, we are giving ourselves permission to dream, to try new things and to expand. I believe that our business is about encouraging people to think beyond basic human needs and more towards unlimited possibilities. It’s about being part of the creative process. Daring to try something new.

I was thinking about the word “need” I think it tends to bring our attention towards lack. The word “want” or “desire” brings our attention towards abundance. Making art is about creating abundance. We are making something new. Bringing something to existence that wasn’t there before. We are expressing ourselves. We are adding value to our world. It’s good to have desires. It’s good to want more. More beauty, more freedom, more truth and more love.

Our speech reveals a lot about what we are thinking about. When we say “I need to make a living,” This may be true, but if we changed the “I need” statement to an “I want” statement, it could become I want to make a million dollars. Now that’s a goal that is motivated by vision. And from here we can start asking creative questions like “how can I do that?” I believe that we always find what we’re looking for. So let’s look for big things.

Try making a few statements using the words need and want. See what kind of feeling you get. For example: I need to change the oil in my car vs. I want to change the world. It’s more motivating and more fun to focus on what you want rather that what you need. We dream bigger if we focus on what we want. Our goals are smaller when we focus on what we need. The bar is set lower.

Write down what you want. What would you like to experience in your life? Who you want to be? Be extravagant. And then go for it.

I find that when I’m thinking about and doing things that I want to do, I am able to approach the things I need to do in an inspiring way. Sometimes all I it takes is to change the way I look at things.

People will tell me how great it must be to do what I love to do and how fun my business must be. It is great and I have a good time doing it. But I think any profession can be fun if you look for ways to enjoy it. And on the other hand, I think even the best job can become a drag if you start looking at it like something you have to do.

On Tuesday nights, we have our open painting sessions. This last Tuesday, my day was so hectic that when 6:00 came around, I was thinking. I don’t feel like painting because my mind is full of things I need to do.  But when I got my paints out and started painting, I remembered. The whole reason I scheduled this night was because I wanted to paint more. I am doing something that I want to do. The things I need to do will be there tomorrow. But this is why I opened Art Village. This is about the want to, not the need to. And at the end of the night I was rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the week. I encourage you to do something this week just because you want to. Inspiration is the fuel that keeps us going.

Art Saves Lives!


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