Our lives are small works of art, each one full of purpose

April 10, 2008 at 8:39 pm (Uncategorized)

We have a lot of painted square tiles in our studio at Art Village. We have ceramic ones that were painted by our customers for our first year anniversary. And we also have a large mosaic made up of individually painted wooden tiles hanging on our wall.

These tiles were painted at Art in the Park last year. We invited people to paint a wooden tile and we gave them a theme of circles. We figured that would be easy enough for anyone to participate. This was a bit of an experiment. The goal was to create a large mosaic from the individual tiles.

There were tiles painted by all ages from young children to professional artists. It was interesting to watch people paint. Because even though they had the same size board, the same paints to choose from, and a theme to go with, each tile was different and unique. As people painted, I wondered how these different little paintings were going to look when we put them all together. Individually they seemed so random. But when we assembled the large mosaic, it came together perfectly. Each tile was a necessary component of the whole.

Another mosaic was brought in the other day. A client brought in a serving tray she made from square ceramic tiles that her family painted at Art Village. It was great to see the different 6 inch pieces of art assembled together to create a unified piece of artwork that they can use.

As I looked at the serving tray on our counter, the painted ceramic tiles on our shelves, and the large mosaic on our wall, I began thinking about all the individual people who painted them. I began thinking about how unique they are. Each person is a work of art. Then I thought how this is a great visual of our community, and world. Just like the tiles, each one of us an individual painting, but together, we form a larger mosaic.

We all have a tile to contribute to the mosaic of life. Each of us has our own special color palette and style. We all have a unique personality. Some of us are expressionistic. Others are more reserved. We all have unique interests and skills. We all have different ways of seeing things. But most importantly, we all have a unique purpose.

I believe we are all here for a reason. We may not always know what our purpose is at every moment. But I think it is revealed to us through the living of life. I wish sometimes that I knew why things happen the way they do. But just like it is through the act of putting paint on canvas, that the painting is realized. It is by making the journey of life that our purpose is realized. Sometimes we may think that we are just a little piece of broken tile. But when making mosaics, even that broken piece is needed to be a part of the larger picture.

I also believe that those people we have the opportunity to share our lives with are present in our lives for a reason. Our purposes connect and intertwine with one another. Whenever I meet someone new, I always wonder how our lives are supposed to touch each other. Will I contribute to their purpose? Will they contribute to mine? I’m always surprised by how people can come into our lives at just the right time.

Take note this week. How is your piece of the mosaic coming along? As we go through out our day, lets try to see the work of art in those people who we come in contact with knowing that we are all contributing a tile in the mosaic of life. We can participate in the first by creating the best tile we can, and by encouraging one another as others create theirs. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Art Saves Lives!



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