Sacred Objects Help Redirect Your Thoughts

February 14, 2008 at 8:52 pm (Uncategorized)

There are two kinds of pursuits in life – the pursuit of outside physical things and the pursuit of a deeper inner-life. Many times we get so wrapped up in pursuing temporary things that we miss pursuing more important and lasting things like love, developing relationships, making the world a better place, kindness, and gratefulness. I think most of us really want to focus on developing our inner life, but the outside world is constantly demanding our attention.

One thing I do to help me keep my mind on the important things is to create sacred objects. A sacred object is a tangible symbol or piece of art of something intangible.

For example, a few months ago, I found myself worrying a lot about finances. This is a very common worry, not only for me but most people I think. I kept noticing my thoughts going towards the fears of not having enough. I determined that one of the ways to stop worrying was to replace those thoughts with something positive. I needed to become more grateful for the great things I already had in my life.

I decided to create a sacred object to help me focus on being grateful. I made a small stone out of clay and carved the word “grateful” on it. I fired and glazed it. I carry it with me in my pocket all the time. Every time I put my hand in my pocket, I feel the word grateful carved in the clay stone. It only takes a second, but it’s enough to interrupt my thoughts and cause me to think about all the good things that have come my way. I find that this helps me to stay positive and keep things in perspective.

I made the clay stone because I believe it was important to create something visual. Sometimes positive emotions have to be intentionally created. Emotions are a result of our thoughts and a visual reminder can shift those thoughts. We of course don’t need to create a visual for the negative emotions. Life seems to offer those for free.

Other sacred objects I use include a small notebook in my pocket to write down ideas and inspirations.  In this notebook I write anything that inspires me, quotes, goals, great ideas, etc. I like to look through it often because it’s like a little pep talk in my pocket. I also keep a card in my wallet with my life purpose statement printed on it, so when I go to make a purchase or hand out a business card, I am reminded of why I’m here. I believe that having visual reminders can help us to focus on the important things in life.

I encourage you to take some time to create a sacred object. What would you like to see more of in your life, more peace, abundance, or kindness? Create something that will help you pursue the important things. Your sacred object can be anything such as a painting, sculpture, statue, or card. I like things that have some kind of other senses involved. The more sensory it is the better.

You can buy inspirational items at gift stores, but I think making it yourself is better. When you make something, you put your heart in to it. You are the one who decides what is meaningful to you. For some the color red means love, for another, it means peace. As you create your object, it will be come very personal to you. The more personal it is, the bigger the impact it will have.

Creating sacred objects will help remind you to develop your inner life. Someone once told me that if you get the inside right, the outside will take care of itself. I believe it will.

Art Save Lives!


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  1. Terry Misfeldt said,

    This is a phenomenal idea for helping people deal with all the negative influences in our lives! We need to climb above the denigrating factors, be positive and not succumb to the dark side. Optimism has more power than pessimism, although the struggle to overcome the person who tries to bring you down is more difficult than thanking the person who raises you up.

    Would you rather be elevated and praised for what you’ve done at work? Or be dragged down and stomped on for the little thing you didn’t do right? Unfortunately, we live in a world where the latter is far more common.

    “That is why every one of you who judges another is inexcusable. By your judgment you convict yourself, since you do the very same things.” – Romans 2:1

    I agree with Rainy that we need to concentrate more on lifting people up, including ourselves, with sacred objects, positive thoughts, kind words, and good deeds.

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