Follow Your Intuition – You Know More than You think

February 14, 2008 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Following our intuition can lead to an exciting life of opportunities. When I decided to start my own business, I started with nothing but a crazy idea. I believed, that people would love to hang out and make art together. But other well-meaning people informed me that starting a business was risky. And there was no existing model for this kind of venture. But the feeling would not let go. And as I followed my intuition the right people began to appear to help me. I’m not sure how my life is going to unfold, but I still believe that what I’m doing is right and everyday, I look for clues as to how to go about building what I set out to build.

Intuition is a great thing. It gives us guidance. But, sometimes, I think we get so bombarded with outside stressors, that we ignore our intuition. I think this happens to us all. We often go about our day thinking so loudly and reacting to circumstances in the ways we always have. We fail to hear that still, small voice inside. By doing this, we may be making life harder than it needs to be.

When we keep our minds busy all the time or engage in worry, our brain waves increase in intensity. This is the flight or fight brain wave pattern. When we are in this mode, we are in survival mode. No creative thinking is going on here. We cannot hear intuition because we are reacting to outside stress. If we continue in this state for long periods of time, we will no longer be in the driver’s seat of our own lives.

It’s important to cultivate intuition. Just like anything else, with a little practice, we all can become more intuitive. There are some people who seem to be very intuitive. The only reason they are is because they exercise their intuition. Anyone can do that.

Because making art is primarily an intuitive process it is a great way to develop your intuition. The brain frequency actually slows down when a person is in the zone of art making.

When I start a painting, I usually have an idea of where I’m going, but as I start the project, I find I need to stand back every so often and listen to the painting. The painting process consists of stopping, looking, evaluating, waiting for a suggestion from intuition, and decision-making. Adjustments are made here and there until I decide the painting is finished. When a person is engaged in making art, the mind relaxes. It is free to wander.

I encourage you to take a little time and immerse yourself in a creative project. This will help calm and relax your mind and put you in touch with your intuition. As you work on a project, an idea will pop into your head. You begin to explore that idea and as you are working on that idea, a new one will appear. Or an idea about something completely unrelated will spring up. The goal is to get your mind to a place where you can hear what’s going on inside.

I find it interesting when people come in to paint pottery. So many tell me how relaxing it is. We try to make the studio as relaxing as we can, but the real reason they feel relaxed is because they have slowed themselves down and have engaged in a creative activity.

The “aha” moments in life come during times when we are engaged in activities where our minds are in a calm and relaxed. The most successful people are those who have learned to trust their intuition. Once you get used to listening to intuition, you’ll find new opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.
Art Saves Lives!


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  1. katyallgeyer said,

    Your insights on intuition are marvelous. I found delving into dream work helped me cultivate my intuition as well. Key tip along with exercising ones intuition is to honor it—that means paying attention to it and believing in it. Many people have the aha intuitive moment but do not act on it and let it pass. Repeatedly ignoring ones intuition is a spirit killer. When I’m painting, it’s not unusual for me to get lost in the process for hours at a time. The entire concept of time seems to stop while making art. Thanks for your great post.

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